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Athletic Physicals Online

RUSD will be using Athletic Clearance. com to process Athletic Clearance Packets starting in the 2021-2022 school year. This year we will accept both hard copies and submissions through Athletic Clearance.com.  Since online clearance is the preferred method we encourage parents/guardians to create an account now and go through Athletic Clearance.com for the 2020-2021 school year.  There is a training video that is very helpful to begin the registration process.  Any questions you can always email jtibbels@riversideunified.org and put in the subject line ATHLETIC CLEARANCE.

Athletes MAY NOT participate in any of our sports programs, including Summer sports camps, until they have received approval through the Athletic Director’s Office.  Athletic Clearance is a two-step process involving both parents and athletes so to ensure safety and understand the inherent risks that accompany athletic competition. Once an athlete receives Athletic Clearance, it is valid for ONE YEAR from the time of physical. Athletes must repeat the process each year they plan on participating in our programs.

Step 1: Click  Physical Form 1 print and have physician complete and sign physical form.  Fill out these forms for your physician:    History form 1History Form 2

Step 2: Create an Account and Register Here: Register for Athletic Clearance here!

Information needed to register:

1. Upload your doctor-signed physical form

2. Fill-in your Medical Insurance provider and policy information

3. Complete Medical History by responding to questions

4. Read & Accept policy agreements with electronic signatures by parent/guardian and student-athlete.