Boys Junior Varsity Water Polo, Boys Varsity Water Polo · Boys Water Polo defeats Heritage

On Thursday, the Rams Water Polo team won its final non-league game of the season 14-2 against Heritage.  This was a very special game for many reasons.  The boys team has been on a tear this season, beating teams by a large margin.  This game was no different.  “In practice, we have been focusing on defensive pressure leading to offensive opportunities.  If we can get a lot of chances on offensive from having a good defensive, we will have a higher score.”  said senior Cruz Prado.  “Even though we won the game, we were disappointed with the way we won today because of the expectations we have now set for ourselves.  We could have played even better.”  Steven Moran added.  The boys team have a found a new level of playing this season where instead of just possibly being able to maybe beat a team, there is already an expectation to actually defeat the team because of the way they believe in themselves this season.


One of the reasons this game was special is because everyone on offense scored a goal in the game.  “Usually you have one good player who scores for the team, but to have the ability to score from every player in the field from every spot is really awesome.  It puts other teams on edge because they have difficulty guarding you.”  Goalie Carlos Dominguez said.  The Rams firepower can only be attributed to the solid work they have been investing in practice.  “Having one coach run practice in years past was good with just Banister, but now having both Coach Banister and Coach Hulme around, we feel like we are really getting pushed and motivated in the right direction when we are getting ready for games during the week.  This year we have really been working hard and we are on the right track.”  said field player Carlos Martinez.


The other reason this game was special was it was the Coach Hulme’s first time head coaching from the lead chair for a Varsity Game at Ramona.  Coach Banister was away for this game, so Hulme got the nod as the Head Coach in his absence.  He did not disappoint.  “I worked them real hard this week.  We conditioned, drilled, and scrimmaged in preparation for this game.  I had the team really focus on not just preparing themselves mentally and physically to not just play the next game, but to get ready to play deep into the season beyond what they are used to.  Just small little goals, that are easily obtainable. Then that leads to bigger goals down the road.  I have confidence they will continue develop even more as we progress into League Play this next coming week.”  With that said, the Rams winning record this season has put them in contention for a placing in the CIF Top Ten Rankings for Division 7.  This season they have knocked off several teams multiple times that appear as high as the #5 spot.  “We expect to be at least #4 on the list next week when the new rankings come out.  We are already eyeing most of those teams and preparing for them for on a CIF Playoffs run after League is over.  But of course, in order to do to that we have focus on beating our League Rivals La Sierra and Hillcrest to get there.”  Hulme added.  With League starting up next week, it will be interesting to see how the Rams do.  No matter what, it’ll be fun watching them play with their new found confidence and explosive offensive.boys water polo 3