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Hall of Fame Members

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Ramona Athletic Hall of Fame


Jim Shellenback                        1962                       Baseball

Jim Barnett                                 1962                      Basketball

Larry Bunce                             1963                        Basketball

Mike Roof                                  1963                        Football

Steve L. Barber                        1964                        Baseball

Jim Gormly                              1964                        Track

Tom E. Hall                             1965                        Baseball

John Masi                                1966                        Basketball

Gary McCord                           1966                        Golf

Tim Oesterling                         1966                        Football

Tony Adams                            1968                        Football

Ron Oglesby                             1968                        Baseball

Harold Zane                             1969                        Water Polo

Eric Show                                 1974                        Baseball

Darrell Miller                           1976                        Baseball

Ron Tingley                             1977                        Baseball

Paco Craig                              1983                        Football

Tom Williams                          1956-67                   Basketball Coach

Danny Arellano                       1967                        Basketball, Football, Baseball

Barrie Greer-Owens                1982                        Volleyball, Softball, Track

Mike Hinz                                 1989                        Football, Baseball

Roy Takeno                             1980’s                     Contributer

Bill Thompson                         1970                        Football, Basketball

Phil Rhyne                               1967                        Basketball

Sheria Moses-Cassell             1991                      Cross Country, Track

Bob Porter                               1964-93                   Coach, Athletic Director

Bill Vaughn                              1971-92                   Principal

Danny Reed                             1978                        Baseball, Track

Doug Stockham                        1965-72    Basketball Coach Athletic Director

Bud Kane                                 1970                        Football, Basketball, Golf

Becky Bedford                         1990                        Softball, Soccer, Tennis

Gene Knott                              1958-89                   Athletic Director, Coach

Sheni Russell                            1999                        Track, Basketball

Roy Sanchez                            1990’s                     Contributer

Mark Armstrong                      1984                        Basketball, Track

Orest Stetkevich                      1980-86                   Football Coach

La Von Edwards                       1987                        Football, Track

Laura Hansen Shinar                 1994                        Softball, Soccer

Sam Pecchia                             1960-70’s              Baseball Coach, Asst. Footbball Coach

John McGinnis                         1960-70’s                  Football Coach, Golf Coach

Nick Goldware                          1965                        Football, Basketball, Diving

Bill Montigel                            1972                        Basketball, Tennis

Sandy Ferguson                        1990-2010’s            Athletic Bookkeeper, Ticket Taker

Tony Masi                             1980-98                    Head Basketball Coach- Athletic Director

Mark Warkentein                    1971                         Basketball- Alumni

Ricardo Villalobos                    1995                        Cross Country, Track

Greg Heer                                 1964                        Football, Basketball, Baseball

Steve Cluse                               1981                        Tennis

Marc Evans                              1977                        Basketball

Steve Reeves                            1961                        Football, Baseball

Jon Coryell                              1963                        Football, Basketball, Baseball

Laura Petersen Folsom             1986                        Volleyball, Basketball

Mike Leduc                              1972                        Distinguished Alumni

Karen Ostermiller                    1964-97                   Supporter of Athletics

Paul Barton                              1988                        Football, Basketball, Baseball

Jimmy Devine                          1995                        Track, Basketball

Dwight Tyler                           1972                        Basketball

Stephanie Skamnes                   1997                     Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis

Steve Campos                          1969                        Wrestling Coach

Henry Heuck                            1962                        Football, Basketball, Baseball

Joyce Lambie                           1964-90                   Tennis, Gymnastics, and Track Coach

Arene Wagner                          1984-2004              Cheer Advisor

Larry Bonzoumet                     1965                        Basketball

Yancy Dodson                         1987                        Basketball, Tennis

Scott Salo                                 1987                      Basketball

Princess Lee                             1995                      Volleyball, Basketball, Track

Robert Williams                       2005                      Track, Basketball

Mike Coates                             1964                      Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Bill Ermert                         1971                        Baseball, Baseball Coach

Thomas Ware                          1988                        Basketball



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